Dear Readers,

God is: Truth - Goodness Beauty! Mother Nature is magnificent, perfect and everybody is beautiful, “The heavens tell the glory of God and the scope shows the work of his hands.”, “The orders of the Lord are straight, they welcome the heart; The commandments of the Lord are pure, they shed light on the eyes.” see Psalms, 19: 2, 8. However, we must take care and enhance; there is no such matter as an ugly person because each human being is particular with her or his own charm to be brought out, to please and attract attention for contemplation, admiration and happiness, “What is he who has the folly of obscure my designs? -Yes, I have referred, without understanding them, of marvels beyond me and I do not see”; “My ear had heard of you; But now my eye saw you.”, see Job 42: 3, 5

My name is Frantz Vancol. It is a pleasure for me to meet you. Our meeting today it is an opportunity about how to grow, to bloom your skin beauty, successfully. Reading a book written by Mr. R. Kipling said, “I keep six faithful servants, they taught me everything that I know, their names are: What, Where, When, How, Why and who.” In fact, the present subject is about:

What: it is a facial which is a basic skin cleansing.

Where: it is done on the surface of your face, your neck and ears if it is


When: it is done during the morning, the evening and at night, each day, as


How:   you must wash your face with a non alkaline soap and lukewarm water

which opens up the pores; soaps based on alkaline are irritable for facial

skin. Then you must rinse your face with cool or cold water to close back

the pores, tone up the skin. Therefore, apply a tonic lotion or an astringent

to penetrate the pores removing the excess of oil, dust, killing germs and

softening the skin surface for an application of a moisturizing cream

which protects, hydrates, nourishes the cleaned surface of the skin which

is now ready for the makeup.    

 Why:  it is done in order to take good care, having a healthy skin surface

against bad weather, microbes, pimples, acne, fine lines, winkles, dryness,

premature aging etc

 Who: Either a beautician or an aesthetician or you can do a basic skin

cleansing, having the right knowledge and the best products.

 Whom: one of the best recommended products in the market is DRULA brand:

             1-Drula Soap

             2-Drula Beauty Lotion

             3-Drula Cream Normal,

Conclusion: we spoke only about the skin surface because the skin is deeper inside, it is like a living tree, it is a complex living organ, very elastic and keeps on changing every 22 days, therefore, we can clear up dark spots, dead cells etc… from it with the help of good products. Yes, God is revealed from Mother Nature, “In effect, the invisible perfections of God, his eternal power and its deity, see as an eye, since the creation of the world, when considered in his books. They are therefore inexcusable:, Romans 1: 20.

God bless your beautiful skin!

Frantz Vancol