We Bring Home a Lovely Skin

The world’s leading Lightening and Darkening company

Drula Preparations are both, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, at the same time, it means treatment, health and beauty care, at once. They are then paramedical products based from the best fruit, plant extracts and natural ingredients to take care of all skin types of men and women. They are hypoallergenic.

Africa and Europe are the oldest continents. They have some of the best secrets yet to be revealed. Therefore, in 1925 the German chemist and pharmacist, Dr. O. Druckrey created his idea: DRULA. The company started in pharmacy laboratory, just like other successful companies such as Merck and Schering.

In 1953 a new production plant was built in West Germany and Drula company moved to Soest from Quedlinburg.

The Drula preparations have been developed continuously by Dr. O Druckrey in the 1960s. Under his management particularly DRULA BLEACHING WAX or FADE CREAM reached international importance. In the last thirty years the range of DRULA preparations grew more and more to help more people to have a lovely skin.

Consequently, in Italy, France etc the Drula products have been awarded several gold medals for efficiency for skin cares.

For the very best quality, Drula products are manufactured  in Germany only. The new General Manager is also a chemist and pharmacist; besides sales management, he is responsible for the manufacturing control, so he reviews the quality control of raw materials and the finished product.

In 1990 the growing international demand of our products made it necessary to enlarge our plant in Soest. The new General Manager built a new research & development department, new production lines and a logistics center to fulfill DRULA’s goal to offer modern and best quality products to our customers all over the world.

Drula products are distributed in almost every country of the world:

In most countries we cooperate with one local partner or as our exclusive distributor. DRULA takes it for duty to keep not only one good business relation to all their partners in the world but also a good friendly contact. On that base of mutual confidence and friendship we and our partners sold DRULA’s preparations with increasing turnovers. Unfortunately, it seems that, most of successful products are counterfeited, in this world. The genuine Drula Fade cream and soap are presented only in gold boxes with the autograph of Dr. Druckrey. Our soap is wrapped in cellophane and from the gold box, it is not brittle and perfumed. Just beware.